ATLANTA, GA – Lakeyah Danaee has just experienced her first major label-backed release, the ballsy “Big FlexHER” single featuring 42 Dugg. The QC support is evident in the video — which was shot in both Milwaukee and Atlanta — as Lil Yachty makes a cameo and Lakeyah laughs as she divulges in an exclusive conversation with Forge(“Even JT came to the shoot but didn’t get in the video cuz she didn’t have her hair done”).

The Milwaukee native has noticed several differences between being an independent artist vs. having a supportive team in just a short time.

“Being in the studio so often because I used to plan when I went to the studio,” she explains. “And I didn’t really record a lot, But now it’s like you need to be in there every day. You need to record a lot of music. But what I really like though, is having treatments already made for video shoots and having the crew, the glam. When you’re an independent artist, you have to run around and get all the components together yourself.”


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