Danny Morrison

Danny Morrison is a Multimedia Personality and the Host of the “The Danny Morrison Radio Show” on Forge 103.9 in Bakersfield. With almost a 20-year run on Bakersfield Radio, Danny is proud to have been born and raised in Bakersfield, spend time mentoring children, perform motivational speeches, and give back to the same community he was raised in through community service.

Forge 103.9’s “The Danny Morrison Radio Show” is a show created for the sole purpose of highlighting our most treasured community advocates, giving a voice to the voiceless and for CHANGE. It’s known for its live interviews. Original content. Community outreach. Local talent and live performances. And the BEST Music Mix that Central California has to offer. A show that highlights movers and shakers in the community. From newsmakers to political figures, Danny’s show is known for asking the questions that others are afraid to.

“The Danny Morrison Radio Show” gives local artists the opportunity to shine. Local musicians, comedians and social influencers enter the studio blended with humorous dialogue and today’s music to perform live within “The Gauntlet.” An area of the Forge 103.9 Studios designated for live performances on our Forge frequencies.

It’s “The Danny Morrison Radio Show.”
A fresh and new radio show and station added to your radio rotation.

Exclusively on Forge 103.9. A New Sound.