FORGE is a fusion of Top 40 English and Spanish Pop/Contemporary Music
How exciting!  FORGE not only fuses English and Spanish Music, FORGE reaches both English and Spanish listeners!  What business wouldn’t want to reach both English and Spanish listeners by advertising on ONE UNIQUE STATION!

The purpose of FORGE is to connect and inspire multi-generations of listeners that have the desire to be part of something impactful, to be inspired, helping them embrace their identities, and exposing them to the legacy of Cesar Chavez.  FORGE is a taste of something different.  There is no other station like it!  FORGE is inspiring and influencing a new generation of English speaking and bi-lingual Latinos.

FORGE reaches listeners young and old with a focus on Adults 18-49.  We can turn our listeners into your customers!  Our Market Specialists will meet with you to create an advertising campaign designed specifically to work within your budget and grow your business!  It’s time to put the power of FORGE to work for you!

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